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Three Types Of Comedy To Experience

Living near a comedy theater provides you with a convenient option for a night out with friends or your significant other. Laughter is good for the soul, and an evening in which you have several belly laughs can be a highlight that you fondly recall for a long time. If you don't have much experience with seeing live comedy in a theater setting, you'll want to visit the theater's website to note its upcoming performances. When you browse the listings, you'll find comedians who take different approaches to comedy. It can be fun to experience as many different types of comedy as possible, including these three.


A lot of comedians specialize in storytelling. These stories are humorous, but not every sentence is meant to be funny. Instead of you laughing virtually every time the comedian opens their mouth, you'll listen intently as they build toward the conclusion of the story — which is a moment that should cause the audience to roar in laughter. Storytelling comedians are enjoyable to watch because their ability to weave an interesting story, whether it's completely true, fictional, or somewhere in between, can be impressive.


You'll also find comedians who focus on one-liner jokes during their performances. In many ways, this type of comedy is the opposite of storytelling. A one-liner comedian will have the theater laughing every few seconds. You may find that you haven't even finished laughing at one joke by the time the comedian offers another joke that makes you laugh even harder. Being in the audience for this type of show can be fun, as there's almost a continuous soundtrack of laughter throughout the evening. If you're the type of person who will be eager to share some jokes from the show with your friends, it's relatively easy to remember a one-liner joke word for word.


Musical comedy is another type of act that you'll find at comedy theaters. Many comedians in this genre play instruments such as the guitar and will perform funny songs on stage. There are comedians who focus on music for their entire act and others who perform conventional stand-up comedy for the majority of the act before turning to music for a short period of time. If you enjoy live music and laughing, a musical comedian will be fun to watch. Experience these and other types of comedic performances by visiting a local comedy theater.

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