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3 Advantages Of LED Live Walls Over Rear Projection

Virtual production studios allow filmmakers to take a small studio space and create all kinds of fake sets ideal for narrative and commercial production. You can shoot driving scenes, scenes across the globe, or scenes with fictional locations like outer space. Traditionally, a video production facility would include rear projection technology to make these scenes.

With major advancements, many facilities now rely on LED live walls to capture background scenes and details. Learn about some of the advantages associated with LED live walls and why the newer technology offers better opportunities than rear projection.

1. Higher Quality Content

Rear projection always includes a flat layered design that represents the projection screen. Due to the need for the screen, rear projection becomes limited in the way it can display depth and details on background content. The use of LED live walls gives filmmakers the chance to film with high-quality pixels and content that will not feel aged.

The crisp details of the LED wall make the videos and images appear lifelike through capturing motion. Video technicians understand the specs and quality needed to display the effects and create dynamic designs. 

2. Light Controls & Shadows

Due to the use of a projector, filmmakers may come across limitations as they try to adjust lights and create different scenes for a production. You cannot place anything in front of the projector beam because shadows will appear and throw off the whole shot.

With an LED live wall, creators can adjust lighting as needed and make fast adjustments to the footage as well. The opportunity to zone the different sections of the live wall helps as well. For example, a specific section of the wall could feature a green screen section to add special effects later.

3. Quick Adjustments and Movement Opportunities

An LED live wall, may include specific timings and speeds to adjust to your shot needs. For example, the zoom and control on a specific shot can be adjusted to match the camera movements within the same shots. The LED live wall will have a direct connection to a control center so production members can make quick adjustments as needed.

With a rear projection set-up, the changes may take longer and may not translate as well when going from a computer to a projector.

Contact a video production facility if you need a LED live wall for your next production. Professionals can go over the details of the process and help ensure the wall fits your needs.

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