Mix Your Entertainment Up A Bit

A Mountain Resort With Entertainment Makes For A Great Vacation

Full-service mountain resorts with entertainment have everything you could want on a vacation. You can experience the majesty of a mountain sunset, spraying orange and purple hues across the dusk sky. Then, enjoy a fantastic dinner and a show!

Most mountain resorts offer live music with singers that are both charming and have a mesmerizing voice. Some resorts also have variety shows that feature acrobats, magicians, comedians, and dancers. You'll likely also be able to enjoy boutique shopping. And no resort is complete without an amazing nightclub, where you can dance till the wee hours of the morning.

Then, the following day, you can venture back into the great outdoors. Many mountain resorts offer skiing in the winter months. Almost all have a wide variety of other outdoor activities to choose from, like hiking, rock climbing, mountain biking, and even white water rafting. Or, you could just lounge around, enjoying the view and sipping coffee and a bloody mary.

The Majesty of the Mountain

Taking a vacation to the mountains is magical. There's something about being at a higher elevation that's extremely liberating. You can spread your arms wide and look down at the Earth spread wide below you. You're free from the confinement and the crowds of a more urban environment. 

Also, the air just seems cleaner. It's definitely more brisk and refreshing on the top of a mountain. You also notice less pollution too, probably because the air, at higher elevations, is thinner.

Anyway, many people take their vacations in the mountains because there are fewer people. For them, mostly urbanites, it's all about being outdoors and enjoying nature. All they need for a great vacation is a resort with the bare minimum of amenities. They'll let nature do all the work.

Other folks want a more all-around, inclusive mountain resort that features entertainment options. To be sure, they love the higher elevation and all the beautiful splendor that the mountains offer. However, they favor a more festive and energetic sort of place. They want things to do in the evening: great food and nightlife. Their vacation resort should be entertaining.

If you're more like the latter rather than the former, there is no reason you can't have a great trip to the mountains, one that offers both a natural getaway and thrilling and entertaining nightlife. A mountain resort that also offers the full spectrum of entertainment options is the perfect vacation.

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