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Unique Physical Editions Of The Best Albums Of 2020

While a majority of music is sold digitally, physical music sales include a lot of extras and perks to encourage purchases. If you're a fan of music, then you can find a wide range of unique physical editions featuring the best albums of 2020. Learn what to shop for, what's included, and how the releases differ from digital options.

CD Store Exclusives

Many brick and mortar stores still sell physical copies of CDs. In deals with record companies, a lot of the stores will feature exclusive versions of the discs. A majority of the time, the discs will feature bonus tracks not available on other versions of the albums. Some albums will include a whole bonus disc with tracks.

For example, a bonus CD may feature a separate disc with acoustic versions of the song. When you shop for store exclusives, you can really expand the tracklisting and have more music to enjoy from your favorite artist.

Limited Edition Records

In recent years, the interest in vinyl records has grown and resulted in many record companies releasing albums on vinyl prints. As you shop for music, look for limited edition records. One of the unique elements of the record purchase is the large artwork used on the album design.

Even if you don't play the records, the case and artwork make an ideal decoration for your home. You can frame the record case or purchase a dual-frame that holds the case in one section and the vinyl record right next to it.

Autographed Editions

In an effort to reach out to fans, many modern-day performers have their own online websites with exclusive merchandise. The website is the easiest way to access autographed editions of CDs. The artists sign the CD case directly, giving you an ideal keepsake to go along with the music.

Some of the autographed editions are exclusive and limited to a set number of copies. Some autographed editions come with framed versions of the albums to keep the autograph in mint condition.

Album Boxsets

With music available digitally, many artists will package their new albums in a boxset. The boxset can include posters, postcards, stickers, limited-edition collectibles, and other physical goods. The boxsets may be exclusive to stores or sold from specific online retailers.

The boxsets are an ideal way to show your fandom for artists and offer unique ways to support the music. Some sets may include different versions of the boxsets to vary the items included inside.

Shop around to find the most unique options for the best albums of 2020.

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