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Are You Planning A Couple's Wedding Shower?

Instead of honoring just the bride, have you decided to plan a wedding shower for both the bride and her fiancé? If so, you're probably going to double the fun at the event. From planning fun games to preparing a marriage survival kit, here are some ideas that might help you.

Fun Wedding Shower Games For Couples - Of course, there's always the games where the future bride and groom have to guess what the other one gave as her favorite things. And, that game is a lot of fun. However, think of tweaking that game a bit. When people marry each other, they also marry each other's families right? So, think of planning a game where the bride and groom have to guess things about their future in-laws. 

For example, questions like, ​Who wears the pants in your fiancé's family? or Which parent is always the peacemaker? might give some important clues about how the son or daughter those parents have raised. 

Another fun idea is to have the bride and groom tell about how they met and how they became engaged. Except, get them to tell the story while the other one is out of the room. You might laugh at the differences in the telling of the couple's story. As the host, be sure to be ready to keep things light and happy.

​Ask Guests To Bring Items For A Marriage Survival Kit - Besides the actual gift for the bride and groom, think of asking each gift to bring an item for a marriage survival kit. Guests might bring things like a joke book that represents having humor in a marriage. Somebody might even bring two pairs of boxing gloves, indicating that sometimes a couple needs to duke it out. Even foods might be brought for the marriage survival kit. For example, somebody might bring a jar of olives with a note on the jar that says something a bit risqué like, Nature's Passion Food. 

Other items that might be brought for the marriage survival kit might be more obvious. For example, maybe a large bottle of aspirins with a caption on the container that reads, Sometimes marriage is a big pain! or a bottle of chocolate syrup that might conjure up each guest's idea of what the chocolate syrup might be used for. Even fortune cookies that the bride and groom can share with those at the party can be fun.

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