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Surprise Your Child With A Unicorn-Themed Party

Does your youngster smile with glee whenever you read them one of their favorite books that features a unicorn character? Many children believe in unicorns and fantasize about what it would be like to spend time with one. Bring your child's dream to life by dressing in character and surprising them with a unique card and gift.

Obtain A Costume And Card

A unicorn costume will mainly need to consist of a white fabric body and headpiece. You can rent a costume from a shop or if you are fond of sewing, purchase a pattern, fabric, and notions that are needed to make one complete costume. The card is the next order of business. Your child will probably enjoy receiving a birthday card from their favorite character.

Look through an assortment of cards so that you can find one that contains a unicorn that shows a likeness to the one that is in the books. Write a simple birthday greeting inside the card. Hide the costume and the card until you are ready to surprise your child. Look for cards from a supplier such as Card Owls.

Make Preparations For The Rest Of The Party

Before the birthday celebration, bake a cake and purchase a gift that can be given to your child at the same time that you present the card. Your spouse or a loved one should be filled in on what you are planning so that they can sit by the sidelines and take some pictures of your child as they are receiving their gifts from the "unicorn."

A plush unicorn toy or a character poster are two themed gifts that you can give to your child. If the book series that your child likes has additional volumes that they do not already own, buy the books to give to your loved one. 

Use A Treasure Hunt During The Discovery Process

A treasure hunt can be added to the party plans when it is time to unveil the unicorn. The clues in the hunt should be age-appropriate and your spouse or family member can aid your child in solving the clues. Before the hunt is to begin, dress in your unicorn costume.

Gather up the card and gift and hide in the designated spot that you selected. Wait patiently for your child to discover you. When this occurs, speak in a distorted voice as you greet your child and hand them the gift and magical card that you have purchased for the occasion.

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