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Three Projector-Related Details To Familiarize Yourself With Before Your Presentation

Renting a projector is often a good idea in advance of an important presentation. A projector allows everyone in the room to see images, statistics, and other details that you wish to share, and can also be effective if you'll be recording your presentation and sharing the video to interested parties in the future. Your local AV rental service can talk to you about different projectors to suit your needs, as well as visit your location to set it up and test it out for you. You still need to be familiar with how this device works, so here are three details to go over before your presentation.

Remote Control Functionality

Few things make an otherwise good presentation appear amateur as quickly as a speaker who cannot control what is being displayed on the projection screen. Many projectors come with a small remote control that allows you to control the material that you wish to display, and it's imperative that you take a few minutes to go over the buttons on this device. Practicing cycling through your various bits of data will prevent you from making the embarrassing mistake of going back to a previously seen screen instead of moving forward to a new one.

Projector Sleep Mode

Like computer screens, many computers go into sleep mode when they've been inactive for a period of time. The last thing that you want during your presentation is to be speaking for several minutes, and then have the projector enter this mode. Such an event will trigger panic in you as you scramble to tap the remote control's buttons to wake the device back up — and people may feel as though you're a little unprepared. Always determine the length of the projector's sleep mode and adjust it, if necessary.

Projector Aim And Focus

It's always a good idea to test out the projector before people start to arrive for your presentation. You want to be sure that it's projecting directly onto your screen, rather than slightly off to one side. This will save you the embarrassing task of adjusting the aim while people are sitting and watching you. Similarly, you should ensure that the focus is sharp. Different projector devices have different focus settings, so you should always make sure that your rented project is set to an automatic focus so that it will offer as sharp an image as possible for your presentation.

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