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Want An Outdoor Vacation And Experience Without Camping? Find A Mountain Lodge With These Benefits

If you are looking to do some hiking and you want to enjoy the outdoors, but you don't think that camping out in the woods may be for you, there are some alternative solutions. You don't have to sleep on the ground in a tent or rent an RV that you would have to pack and fill with items, and instead you can find a location that has everything you need. If you are looking for a fun vacation to explore the outdoors, without the hassle of staying outdoors, consider a mountain lodging option for the following reasons.  

Enjoy Outdoors but Sleep Indoors

With a mountain lodge stay, you can spend your day hiking up the mountain or through different trails around the property, but you can return to your lodge at the end of the day and sleep in a warm bed, and taking a hot shower. Staying at a lodge allows you to:

  • Pack only clothes because the lodge supplies other needs
  • Avoid weather related issues that make camping outdoors miserable
  • Prevent annoying issues with wild animals or insects

You get to do all of the things that you want to do while you camp, you just aren't spending the long, night-time hours in the woods listening to the animals, or dealing with dropping temperatures.

Find Spa Options

If this is going to be a vacation, you can find a lodge that has some spa options as well. Spa options can include things like:

  • Personal or couple massages
  • Facials or skin treatments
  • Saunas or body soaks

You may be able to find a lodge that has a pool and a hot tub, so you get to swim or soak after a long day of hiking.

Arranged Activities

A lodge should have a variety of activities that you can sign up for. Things that you may not be able to prepare for on your own camping, like these:

  • Guided tours and hikes
  • Kayaking or other water sports
  • Zip linings 
  • Free falling

You will want to see what amenities are available at any mountain lodge, or what the lodge will provide a shuttle for, before you decide to book.

If you are looking for an experience outdoors but you don't think that you are ready to pack a tent and sleeping bags and set up your camp in the woods, lodging is the best option. Look into a few options and pick the one that best fits your needs. 

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