Mix Your Entertainment Up A Bit

Want A Unique And Thrilling First Date? Search For These Local Attractions

If you are looking for something thrilling to do on your first date, and you want it to be memorable, you may want to ditch a traditional meal. You want be intrigued on the date so there are no awkward pauses or still silence and so you can see if the person likes to have a good time.

The activities you choose will be based on your personality, and what you think your date may like. Here are some suggestions for a fun nontraditional night out with your new romantic interest.

Mystery Theater Dinner

If you can find a restaurant or theater that does a mystery dinner show, this is a great way to have entertainment while enjoying a great meal. There will be actors and clues, along with a narrator or storyteller, and you will have to guess who committed the crime or who is guilty by the end of the show. Sometimes it's someone who is in the story, and sometimes it's someone who is at the show.

Haunted House

Is there a haunted house, or a museum that does haunted tours in the area after dark? These tours can help you learn some history about the area where you live, or about that specific landmark, and it's thrilling. Some of these houses require you to trust the group or person you're with, and it will be more than just a normal night out.

Escape Room Event

Escape room events don't just allow you to do something out of the ordinary. You also get to see how your date thinks, how they solve problems, how they act under pressure, and what they are like in rushed situations. There are many different escape room events that force you to complete tasks, puzzles, and games within a specific amount of time, to see if you can get out of the room or place.

Let your date know in advance that you're going to be doing something that they wouldn't expect, or make sure that it's something that interests them first. This way you don't get to the event and see their disappointment or uncomfortable demeanor. You want your first date to be something that is fun and that they will remember, not something that they were afraid of or had no interest in. Search around your area to line up these different activities, and to plan the night from start to finish. 

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Mix Your Entertainment Up A Bit

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