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Three Reading-Focused Activities For Your Family

Most children will do a lot of reading in school, but it's important for parents to continuously encourage them to read at home. This can especially be true during the summer break, as a child who reads frequently during the summer will be a stronger reader by the time they return to school in the fall. Parents can plan a variety of reading-focused activities that can make reading fun, rather than simply requiring that your children read for a certain amount of time each day. Here are three activities for your family to consider.


Many families today are so busy that they've never made a family visit to the local library. For any child who is getting interested in reading, the library can be a thrilling place to check out. Plan a day in which you can visit as a family and sign your kids up for their own library cards. If you don't have your own card, this is a time to get it, too. You can spend some time browsing around the library as a family, and then give your kids a chance to check out a pile of books that interest them. They'll be keen to get home and read their new books, and you can do some reading at the same time.

Children's Author Event

You'll occasionally find children's authors who do public readings of their books in bookstores, theaters, and other various venues. Look online to find one of these events, and buy tickets or plan to visit. It can be exciting for a child to hear an author read a book. You might decide to get your children some of the author's books in advance of the event so that they can read them on their own. Alternatively, the books will almost certainly be for sale at the event, so you could buy a few for your kids to read afterward.


Bookmobiles operate in several communities. This is a term that describes a large bus or RV that is filled with books and shows up at different events and locations. Libraries often run bookmobiles, but you'll occasionally see bookmobiles run by other community organizations. If your child hasn't heard of a bookmobile, this can be an exciting concept for them. Figure out where this vehicle will be appearing, and then visit with your family. If you arrive before the bookmobile, your kids will be curious as the vehicle pulls into the parking lot and perhaps announces its presence. Your children can then approach and browse the available books, borrowing or buying what they want.

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