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3 Things To Keep In Mind When Operating A Fireworks Store

In states and counties where consumer fireworks are legal, there is a no more popular place during certain holidays than the local fireworks store. If you're an entrepreneur who is looking to cash in on this seasonal popularity, then you may already be hunting for real estate to base your business out of. That said, fireworks are almost always subject to strict regulation, and business owners need to keep several things in mind in order to keep their fireworks store running smoothly. Take a look at just three things you should take note of as you plan to open a fireworks store.

Government Approval

Getting government approval to open a fireworks store is far from impossible, but it does require that you provide proof of several different things. Among them are suitable areas for fireworks storage, an inventory of the kind of fireworks you'll be selling, and specific dates when you plan to be open to the public. You will have to submit the required paperwork that includes all necessary proof to a city council, fire commission, or equivalent community organization. 

Proper Cataloging

Once you obtain government approval, it's time to start ordering fireworks that you can stock in your store. While you might be tempted to buy any and all types of fireworks, you should restrict your purchases to those you know can be correctly cataloged. That's because as the owner of a fireworks store, you will be required to label all fireworks with everything from its name and category to its registration number and the contact information of the manufacturer. If the manufacturer does not already include information on the firework packaging itself, you are also responsible for providing information about safe use and age restrictions. In most jurisdictions, it is expressly forbidden to sell consumer fireworks without all of this information clearly presented to customers.

Volume Limits

In addition to government approval and proper cataloging, you'll also want to keep in mind just how many fireworks you can sell. No matter how popular fireworks might be during a given week or month, your county or state will have clear rules about the volume of explosives you can keep in one place at any one time. In a small shop, this may amount to no more than a few pounds of fireworks, while in larger stores that are far away from urban areas, limits on volume tend to increase substantially. 

Keep these tips in mind when looking for a fireworks store near you.

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