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Types Of Wholesale Fireworks You Can Buy

If you live somewhere fireworks are legal to set off on your own or you own a business that is allowed to set off fireworks, you may consider buying wholesale fireworks. There are plenty of wholesale firework options, and you may want to spend some time finding the right firework for the show you want to pull off.

These are some of the types of fireworks you might consider buying.

Comet Fireworks

Comet fireworks look much like their namesake, comets. They trail through the air, leaving a colorful trace behind them. There are also comet fireworks that burst and then erupt into a variety of different comets that move around the sky independently.

Bouquet Fireworks

Bouquet fireworks are those that burst in a type of sphere. Much like a bouquet of flowers includes flowers at different heights and in a circular pattern, a bouquet of fireworks functions in a similar way. There are many other sphere-type fireworks that have different types of details as well. For example, the peony firework looks a lot like a flower bursting in the sky.

Fan Fireworks

Fan fireworks have multiple streams at an angle. They are full of color, like red or blue, and they create the effect of a fan in the sky. Like many other fireworks, there is a version that can be used on the ground and one that can be tossed into the sky.

Strobe Fireworks

Strobe fireworks flash like strobe lights. They flash on and off as they erupt. These fireworks may be used in the sky or on the ground.

Brocade Fireworks

Brocade fireworks, which you may be more likely to find at a professional show or a show put on by a business, will feature glorious fireworks that trail down. You will see these fireworks in metallic shades like gold and silver, creating a shimmering display.

Palm Fireworks

A palm firework looks a lot like a palm tree. The firework will shoot up and then create the appearance of leaves that trail down. These fireworks are often golden in color and may sparkle as they fall to the ground.

Wholesale Fireworks Are a Great Option

If you want to put on a great show, there are plenty of ways to do so. There are plenty of firework options you can consider as part of your next show. Wholesale fireworks can help you save money as you shop.  

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