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Louisiana Cooking Methods You Can Learn Through TV Shows

When you start a Louisiana streaming service subscription, you gain access to all kinds of local programming including a wide variety of cooking shows. Louisiana cooking is unique from the rest of the country for the Creole style that has been passed down for multiple generations. 

Learn about the cooking methods you can watch with a Louisiana streaming channel subscription and how to transform the way you cook at home.


A little water goes a long way in Louisiana, and that can be seen with a cooking style known as smothering. With a smothering technique, you use a small amount of water to slow cook large pots of food. On a cooking show, you will learn the best ratio for ingredients like rice. The shows will also teach some seasoning tips, which are important for getting spice and flavors.

Smothering is a long process, so the shows may cut away to hours later and show the finished dish. Seeing the finished dish can help you tremendously as you plan out your meals and know what to look for when a finished dish is done. The look and textures may change based on ingredients like fish or beef.


Grills are used throughout the United States, but Louisiana Creole cuisine has some specific grilling techniques you can learn. Watch shows to see how chefs prepare seafood for the grill, mix in vegetables, and create meals with an open flame.

The weather in the state has led to the creation of many outdoor shows where chefs will grill and teach you how to handle different elements. You will learn proper grilling temperatures, how to cover food, and when to close the grill cover. 

Shows may go into more specific forms of grilling, including charbroiling. Learn how to add a nice char to meats like chicken and burgers.


Slow cooking and grilling are combined in a cooking style known as braising. The cooking style has a lot of action and is an ideal choice for cooking shows because it involves a mix of grills, pots of water, and specific instructions. You will see chefs braise meats like ribs and seafood like whole fish.

Along with the braised meats, you will learn how to complement dishes with side options including a variety of rice-based dishes. Rice is a key ingredient in Creole food, and you will learn multiple ways how to cook and prepare the perfect rice grains.

Watch and cook at the same time to learn the best from experienced Louisiana chefs.

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