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Tips For Organizing A Casino Party For Your Teenager

Many teenagers are interested in casinos, perhaps seeing them glamorously depicted in movies and TV shows, but their age means that they can't enter one. If you have a teen who is curiously excited about casinos, you can bring the party to him or her. Many companies offer casino parties at home and will visit your location with gaming tables and other casino attractions to allow you to have fun in the comfort of home. If your teen has a birthday coming up or has done well in school and you want to offer a fun reward, arranging a casino party for your teen and his or her friends can be fun. Here are some tips for making it memorable.

Brush Up On The Games

Your teen and his or her friends might like the idea of playing certain casino games, but their lack of experience in this environment may prove to be an obstacle. You can pitch in by making sure that you're familiar with how the games that you'll have at your home will work. This way, you can provide a brief tutorial so that everyone gets up to speed. Some casino party companies have dealers and other gaming professionals who can stay at your party to help oversee it; if you've arranged for this feature, you can be confident that they'll educate everyone.

Add Some Mocktails

Casinos and fancy alcoholic beverages often go hand in hand, but you obviously don't want to give your teen and his or her friends booze. Instead, look up some recipes for some classic mocktails — drinks that look and taste like cocktails but that don't contain any alcohol. You can even visit a discount kitchenware store to buy drink-specific glasses to further add excitement and appeal to your event. If you have a basement bar, you could also get dressed in a tuxedo and play the role of mocktail bartender for the event.

Don't Allow Actual Gambling

When adults have casino parties amongst themselves, they might do a bit of gambling. That's fine, but this isn't an idea that you want to push with teenagers. You can buy some prop money or see if the casino party rental company provides it. This will give the party attendees the feeling of gambling, which can be fun but without the consequences of the practice. You may even want to buy some gift cards to local teen-friendly retailers and give them out as prizes to the teens who "win" the most at the casino party.

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