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Are You In Charge Of Planning A School Assembly Show

Are you in charge of planning a school assembly show? If so, you might be asking yourself How did such a nice person like me end up in a mess like this? On the other hand, you might have been put in charge of the assembly because you are already well known for being a good organizer. You might have even already planned school assembly shows. Whether you're experienced or whether this is your first experience, here are some ideas that might help you to plan a great school assembly show.

Get Some Help -

  • Think of parents and school staff that you have worked with before.
  • If they were helpful, enlist them again.
  • Don't forget to use students to help with the school assembly.
  • Consider recruiting kids who attended the school and are still in your area.

When you're thinking about those who can help you to plan for the school assembly show, consider what you'll need. For example, if there are costumes in the show, you might need people who are good at sewing. Find out who is good with lighting and put him or her to work. Check with the art teacher to see which students would be good at creating scenery for the show.

Pick A Theme - 

  • Is this a Christmas assembly?
  • Are you honoring somebody at the assembly?
  • Perhaps you are celebrating a certain historic event.
  • Is it the anniversary of your school's beginning?

Depending on the theme you have picked, think of things you can include to make the assembly show a very special one. For example, if you are planning a Christmas show, don't forget to include a visit from Santa Claus at the end of the assembly show. He could even give out small candies to everybody in the audience. If you are honoring an individual at the assembly, think of writing a cute skit that shows that individual's accomplishments. For a historic event, think of including a reader's theater to depict people of that time in history. If you are celebrating your school's anniversary, think of including popular music from all the years that the school has existed. For example, you could choose movie themes that could be performed by the school choir. Another idea is to include the audience in a sing-along. For example, if it's a Christmas show, choose fun Christmas carols for the audience to sing together. 

Contact an assembly show company, like Scheer Genius, for more help.

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