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Are You Hosting A New Year's Eve Party?

Do your friends and family members expect you to host a New Year's Eve party again this year? Maybe that is one of the highlights for your entertaining each year. Or, it could be that this will be your first year to host a party to bring in the new year. 

Either way, do you already have a plan in place? If so, you are more than likely one of those individuals who love to plan ahead. Smart! Maybe you're still in the planning process. If that's the case, from sending out clever invitations through the mail to planning the entertainment and the food, here are some ideas that might help you to host a fun and very memorable event.

​Send Out Clever Invitations - First, consider whether your New Year's Eve party will be a formal one or whether it will be a casual one. If you're going with a formal theme, think of sending out elegant invitations. For example, have them printed on beautiful paper, with a tiny party hat at the top of the invitation, or on the front of the invitation.

For a more casual party, think of having something like brightly colored kites on the front of the invitation along with words that say something like, Soar With Us Into 2020! Another idea for a simple but fun invitation would be to have happy faces on the front of the invitations along with words like, Come To Our Happy Place To Bring In The New Year!.

The Party Menu - If you're hosting a very formal party, think of having it catered for a seated event. The caterers will have the experience to recommend their most popular menus. For casual New Year's Eve parties, think of setting up a buffet of finger foods. Things like tiny cocktail meatballs, tiny corn dogs with a honey mustard dip, tamales, and a vegetable tray would be perfect. 

No matter whether the party is formal or informal, think of having fortune cookies as part of the dessert. For example, thick slices of assorted cakes with a small fortune cookie sitting on top of the cake would be a lot of fun. Of course, guests will be expected to read the fortunes with the other guests.

The Entertainment - If you want a low-key party, think of just visiting and maybe having your guests share the highlights of 2019. Watching a movie together would also be a fun thing to do, as long as you stop at midnight to toast the New Year. 

Or, have dancing as part of the entertainment. Whether you hire a band, a DJ or whether you have your own music set up, don't you think dancing would add to the fun? Choose a variety of music that all of your guests will enjoy.

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