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Fun Pairings To Consider When You Rent A Bounce House Boxing Ring

One of the many different types of inflatable bounce house structures that you can rent is a bounce house boxing ring. As its name suggests, this structure mimics a boxing ring, but is entirely made of inflatable elements. When you rent this structure, it typically comes with a couple of sets of large, inflatable gloves that you and the members of your group can wear to have fun competing against one another. Renting an inflatable boxing ring can be fun for a variety of types of gatherings, and if you're planning to do so, you'll want to think about some fun pairings for the boxing matches. Here are some suggestions.

Child Vs. Parent

If you're renting an inflatable boxing ring for a family gathering, you'll definitely want to organize some fun bouts that feature children against their parents. Of course, the parents will need to tone down their effort, especially when dealing with younger children, but the large, inflatable nature of the boxing gloves will ensure that no one gets hurt. Kids will have a blast as they square off against their parents, and anyone who feigns getting knocked down will bounce off the base of the ring, giving everyone in the crowd a laugh.

Neighbor Vs. Neighbor

An inflatable boxing ring can be a perfect thing to rent for a neighborhood block party, and while the local children will likely compete for a chance to get in the ring, it may be fun to organize some playful bouts between neighbors. Obviously, you don't want to pit any neighbors against each other if they legitimately have problems between them, but as long as those in your area get along well, you can have some fun. For example, you might introduce silly challenges — the neighbor who loses a match has to take out his or her neighbor's garbage for a week, for example.

Sibling Vs. Sibling

Parents often get fed up with their children bickering and even physically fighting, so it may be a fun idea to put your kids in the ring against one another for some playful competition. While you'll need to ensure that things don't get out of hand, there's little doubt that your children will have fun swinging away at one another — especially when no one will get hurt. If you're renting the ring for a big family event, siblings can compete against one another and also against their cousins.

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