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Four Tips For Hiring A Live DJ For Your Wedding

When it comes to planning for your big day, the list of things to do is so long that it may feel as tall as Mount Everest. Your list of things to do includes booking the venue and vendors, selecting the type of wedding cake, and finding the perfect wedding dress. It also includes music for the reception.

Some people simply create a playlist of their own and let it play throughout the reception. However, others prefer something a bit more upbeat and entertaining, such as a live DJ. If you're going to go with a live DJ, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

Tip #1: Be Specific When It Comes to Your Playlist.

While some DJs will have a form that they use that has a lineup of how they play music, it doesn't hurt to have your own in mind. You can always work with one another to determine the best playlist for your ceremony and reception. For example, during the reception, you may want to begin with some cocktail music, followed by an entrance song, a song for the first dance, a song for the father/daughter dance, a song for the mother/son dance, more cocktail music, dinner music, a cake cutting song, songs for the bouquet and garter toss, more cocktail music, and then the last dance song. It is all in how you want the festivities to go.

Tip #2: Determine Whether Song Requests Can Be Made.

This is your event, so it is up to you if you want the DJ to take song requests from your guests. Whether the DJ normally takes requests when he or she works is irrelevant because this is your wedding and reception. If you do not want your guests to make requests, then let the DJ know this and he or she will take care of it if any of the guests ask for certain songs.

Tip #3: Make Sure to Have a Do-Not-Play List.

It is very important that you and your fiancé create a list of songs that you do not want played at your wedding. This is true whether you are having your guests requesting songs or not, as the DJ will still be playing music and he or she needs to know what music you do not want to hear as you are celebrating your special day.

Tip #4: Turn Your Final Playlist in ASAP.

Each DJ works on a different sound system, so it is very important that you turn in your final playlist as soon as possible. The earlier that you can do this (before the wedding), the better. The DJ needs to ensure that he or she can have all of the songs that you have selected for your wedding ready to go.

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